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Business Networking

Networking is instrumental to any business, but do you really use this valuable tool, to its full potential?

Do you feel you have the skills and understanding to get the most from your networking groups, or maybe you are looking to join a networking group, but not sure where to start?

Why Choose Excel?

Excel is an award winning professional online business networking platform, offering business owners like you, the opportunity to network both in the UK and internationally. Excel offers, flexible networking opportunities throughout each calendar month, so you can choose the right time for YOU to network and grow your business.

Helping you achieve success

Business networking forms an integral part in any business marketing strategy. How do you reach out to your target audience, how do build a consistent pipeline of new business?

Keeping in constant communication with your audience to get your business message heard, will support your journey to success. Excel will provide you with a professional platform to do just this!

Excel Elite Business Networking is an award-winning online business community, infused with education and support. Enhance and compliment your existing business strategy with Excel today!

Award winning proven business model


Training & Education




All businesses checked and vetted

UK and International

No business lock out

Tiered membership options available

Business Strategy support

Bespoke tailer made packages to support your journey

Access to external specialist support

Goal Setting

Taking your business to the next level.


Excel Business Networking Group is a business networking community who supports business growth across Essex. Excel supports and understands the power of building and sustaining strong professional relationships. Contact us today!


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What is business networking?

‘Networking is the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest’

'Whether you have just started your business journey, or you are an established business, business networking is an incredibly powerful business tool, to showcase who you are, what you do and how you do it! Business Networking not only allows you to connect to other business owners, it increases your business exposure, supports referrals and recommendations, allowing you to ‘stand out from the crowd’

When people trust you and build rapport with you, they are much more likely to be open to know more about your business and refer and recommend your services. So how can you ensure this happens? Book in a call with us today and lets get to know each other!

Consistent business growth

Referral and recommendations

Get your business heard

Networking is a powerful business tool

Business expansion

Increase your target market

Understand you own unique selling points

Stand out from the crowd

Gain skills and understanding

You are the brand behind your business

About our Meetings

All our meetings are held via Zoom conferencing. This is an amazing platform which allows businesses to meet each other in a virtual world, all over the world! The structure of the meeting has been designed to support strong collaborative working, a sense of inclusivity, to ensure every business owner is made to feel welcome. It is requested that all members leave their cameras on throughout the meeting, as this allows for stronger relationships to be made, in order to support a successful outcome for all concerned.

  • A warm and friendly welcome
  • A feeling of inclusivity
  • A structured format
  • At least 2 breakout rooms
  • Business Showcase presentations
  • Reflection time
  • Added value and content
  • Support
  • New business opportunity
  • New connections

We have a tiered membership structure so you can choose the level of membership that is right for you.

What people say about Excel Elite Business Networking

Award Winning Business Networking at your Fingertips

Since the launch of Excels Elite Business Networking, we are proud to have received two awards for the outstanding service we provide to businesses around the world.

In 2019, we won 'Best in Field Award - Business Services for the Essex region and in 2020, we were honoured with the Premier Business Partner of the Year award, for our proven and successful support and referral programme.

Excel would like to thank Sean Hewitt and his team from the Trusted Business Community Association for their continued support.

Excel are proud to be working alongside such an amazing organisation. To find out more about how The Trusted Business Community Association can support you and your business.

Please click here www.trustedbusinesscommunity.com

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Excel provides a safe, non-judgemental environment, for local businesses to network effectively, in order to grow their business revenue, exposure and profitability.


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