Welcome to your POWER UP PROGRAMME

The POWER UP PROGRAMME has been designed to give you and your business additional support and knowledge, to allow your business to grow, flourish and thrive. It is a pleasure to be part of your own unique business journey over the next three months.

Meet Your Mentor – Clare Horsley

Clare has over 20 years’ experience, providing successful and proven training programmes to entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

During her career, Clare provided educational support to the local government, designing, implementing and delivering bespoke training programmes for young entrepreneurs in Essex and London.

Clare has also worked alongside the Police and Social Care in various educational establishments providing training to young people to support and encourage them to reach their full academic potential.

Clare identified a gap in the world of business networking, the need for additional support for business owners, to help them overcome the feeling of ‘overwhelm’ which so many businesses experience during their business journey. It was for this reason, Clare then sought to broaden her understanding as to how the human brain ‘ticks’ and in 2019 Clare became a certified Neuro Linguistic Programmer.

With her passion for supporting others, coupled with her professional background, Clare went on to start her own company, Excel Elite Business Networking in 2017. Excel is a professional online networking platform, infused with self-development and education for entrepreneurs both here in the UK and Internationally.

Excel has gone from strength to strength, winning two business awards too! In 2019, Excel Elite Business Networking won ‘Best in Field for business services in the Essex Region’ and in 2020 was awarded ‘Premier Partner of the Year’

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What to Expect

• Business Strategy calls every 2 weeks (all meetings booked at your initial welcome meeting)

• Accountability – This programme is only as effective as the ACTION taken

• Each call is a maximum of 2 hours in duration (90 mins activity sandwiched with reflection and feedback opportunities at the beginning and end of the call)

• A report highlighting each session with activities to complete prior to the next session (only when activities are complete can you move onto the next session)

• A FREE podcast to download on each subject after each session

• Feedback will be sought after each session to ensure we are on the right track

• If you have any questions in-between your sessions, please email clare@excelbusinessnetworking.co.uk

If you feel at any point you are unable to make one of our sessions, please contact

clare@excelbusinessnetworking.co.uk Each situation will be dealt with on a individual basis and where possible, the meeting schedule can be adjusted in extenuating circumstances.

Our topics covered are as follows (in order of schedule)

• Time Management

• Feedback/ testimonials

• Networking – How to make the most of it

• Social Media

• CRM systems /data recording

• Email Marketing

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What people say about Excel Elite Business Networking

Excel provides a safe, non-judgemental environment, for local businesses to network effectively, in order to grow their business revenue, exposure and profitability.


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