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Clare Horsley, founder of the Excel Networking Business Group. A passionate networker and connector, Clare has created a networking organisation that focuses on building strong relationships between members and visitors and works to ensure that businesses of all shapes and sizes grow through relaxed networking infused with education.

Excel Business Networking Group is a business networking community who supports business growth across Essex. Excel supports and understands the power of building and sustaining strong professional relationships.

Why Excel Networking?

Excel Business Networking was founded to provide business owners with the opportunity to showcase their business and also themselves as the brand behind their business.

Successful businesses are built by forming long lasting and trusting professional relationships. People buy people and when you are comfortable to be yourself, that is when the magic happens.

Excel creates a supportive and educational platform for businesses to embed themselves into the business community. A place where people feel valued, appreciated and encouraged to be the most successful version of themselves.

Take action and join our meeting, to build your network, connect with your target audience and promote YOU!

Every new business attendee is contacted prior to attending, to explain the value and structure of the meeting, but also to be given the opportunity to share the nature of their own business.

Find out more about what you can expect at our Excel networking meetings on the Networking Groups page.

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Excel provides a safe, non-judgemental environment, for local businesses to network effectively, in order to grow their business revenue, exposure and profitability.


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